The thing I love about living in England is all the small little villages that are dotted around, that people don't even know about. For example, if I had to give a place in the UK which I class as my happy place it would be Bridgnorth. 

Bridgnorth holds a special place in my heart and gives me the feeling of home. This isn't because I live there its because I have had so many special family memories there which always make me smile. Whenever my mom and I have a day off we always go to Bridgnorth, have chips and sit on our favourite bench and eat them looking out at the beautiful view and having a chat. 

We have a walk across the river or around the town going into all the small little one of a kind shops. If the weather is nice we even go into the ice-cream shop and get out favourite ice-creams before heading own. My favourite ice-cream is Ferrero Roche!!