Bunny Sitting

The past week a family friend has been on holiday and asked my mom and I to look after her rabbits. I have always wanted a rabbit but never actually had one so the answer was simple and unthought about yes. 

One thing I have learnt about rabbits is that they are squirmers, scratch you all the time and break necklaces (a personal experience of mine during the first ever time holding a rabbit.) 

The week has been a levely change making sure that Ruby and Thumper are well looked after, well fed and had a big run around after being stuck in a cage all day lonely. I have had so much fun looking after them and can't wait for their owner to go on holiday again so I can have a munch on the two cutest rabbits in the world again. 

Now my week with the bunny's has come to an end, I hope looking after these two beauties has made my mom realise that we both need two rabbits of our own in our lives and it wouldn't be a problem to look after at all!

Tonight was my