Coldplay 2016

This blog post is from 4th June 2016 which was before I went on holiday, however, its a massive thing that I couldn't not blog about!

I was lucky enough to have tickets to see Coldplay live on the 4th June at the Etihad Stadium for Christmas! Now, it was a long wait to see one of my favourite bands live, but now it has been and gone I can't wait to reminisce and look back at the moments I shared with my family.

The concert was magical and I could not get over how many people was there to see the show. The Xylobands, the bands that are given out before the show, made the capacity of the stadium feel a lot more real, especially when it went dark and thousands of lights lit up the stadium. 

We had seats at the back. Now, I don't think many people say they are glad that their seats were in the clouds but I was on this occasion. The seats made me a little nervous to stand up because it felt like you were going to topple over but you got to see the stage, thousands of fans and thousands of lights right in front of your eyes.