Kavos 2016

Kavos, Greece is one of the most beautiful places i've ever visited, there is something about the party destination that makes me want to be there all the time. This is the second time I have been to Kavos, and each time I have been I didn't want to come back home! There is something being with your best friends in the sun drinking the week away that makes you not want to come back to reality, rain and the 'summer' that the UK has been having. 

I went to Kavos with my two best friends and I couldn't of asked for two better people to share this experience with. We got up to some antics through out our time on the party island which made the experience more memorable shall we say! We stayed in Trabukos Hotel and Beach Complex which is 100% the best hotel to stay in, and I'm not even being biased! #TeamTabukos #TheLeagueOfPissHeads 

One thing that stood out for me was water sports. Its not recommended to be dragged around by a speed boat on a giant inflatable circle in the middle of the sea when nobody on that giant inflatable circle can swim, but hey thats what life jackets are for, right? It was the scariest and funniest experience in my life, and I'm so happy that I did it. Moral of the story is do stuff out your comfort zone!!