Sunflower Appreciation Post

This post was supposed to be a make-up appreciation post to show you guys what make-up I am loving this month. However, I didn't like the photos that I took of my make-up so I was back to square one. 

I looked back at the photos that I didn't delete and realised that the photos I took had my flowers in which looked super cute. Sunflowers are my favourite flower and as soon as I can grow/buy Sunflowers I will! I was growing a sunflower for my garden but the slugs ate it and I was upset so the vase ones will have to suffice for this year. 

I also had a lamp that did't have a working bulb in on my table which I decided to get rid of and put another obsession of mine on the bed side table. A candle. (It still gives light off right?) 

I personally think flowers make a room feel more homely and especially bring the summer in from outside. (Unless you live in the UK and they just bring the summer altogether)